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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kids are contracting COVID-19 and some parents are feeling helpless. With school back in session and kids in daycare the risk of COVID-19 for them is rising.

Doctors are saying if you think your child might be sick, it’s best to get a COVID-19 test ASAP.

Two metro families are speaking out as their kids recover from the virus. The mothers weren’t sure what was wrong at first but once they got their kids tested and found out it was COVID, they were so glad they did.

In 4-year-old Hazel Brown’s case, her mom Jenna Sutter Brown said she caught COVID at daycare.

“We went against our better judgment and didn’t have her mask, because we didn’t want her to be the only one. And that decision quickly came back to bite us in the butt,” Sutter Brown said.

Both Hazel’s parents are vaccinated, and her dad is immunocompromised. Brown says she made sure when Hazel got sick they got her tested. She said they took Hazel to her doctor, but they told her there was no need to get her tested. However, she had a gut feeling it could be COVID and got her tested anyway.

“We both went through a really broad range of emotions, guilt and anger and frustration and disbelief,” Brown said.

She said it hurts to see her daughter go through this, but are glad they know so they can care for her to the best of their ability. When Hazel was sick Brown says it’s tough to see your 4-year-old be at a loss on how they feel.

“What’s wrong? Does anything hurt? And you know, to have your child look at you and, and sobbing and say, I don’t know, that was really hard. Because there’s nothing you can do,” Brown said.

Amanda Finley’s eight-year-old son Sam caught COVID-19 the first week of school, and is now at home recovering.

“I notified the pediatrician, and I also emailed the school to let them know, this is what’s going on, because they need that early. They need that early warning,” Finley said.

Finley said she co-parents and is hoping Sam’s dad may consider virtual learning now.

Recently, Children’s Mercy Hospital saw the largest number of hospitalized children with the virus since the beginning of the pandemic. That number is down for now, but doctors say it could jump back up at anytime.

“It’s not just your child. Everyone else is everyone else’s child as well. We have to watch out for each other, especially our kids,” Finley said.

Which is something Brown agrees with. Both women said they hope to get their kids vaccinated when they can to stop the spread, and keep other kids safe.

“Everybody’s coming to their decisions, from their own history or their own ideologies. But if we can just stop and talk to each other, we’re all going to get through this. And we have to meet each other where we are, and offer what we can,” Brown said.

Doctors with the University of Kansas Health System say if your child is experiencing symptoms you should get your child tested. Because right now there’s a good chance it could be COVID-19 and the sooner you know the sooner you can quarantine.