With live shows postponed, local band Radkey to host ‘Quarantine Stream’ on Facebook


ST JOSEPH, Mo. — With live shows postponed due to coronavirus, artists are coming up with creative ways to keep fans engaged by livestreaming concerts.

That’s the case with St. Joseph-based rock band Radkey.

This Friday, March 27, Radkey will host the “Quarantine Stream” from their home.

“It’s going to be cool. We’re going to be streaming on Facebook Live. It’s going to be a sweet time. We’re going to be doing some music that’s going to be pretty interesting to hear acoustically,” said bassist Isaiah Radke.

Like many bands, Radkey has been hit hard by venues being shut down and live performances being shelved, due to social distancing measures.

“You know, it was a really scary thing when things started getting crazy because we’re like, that’s what we do. We bring people together and that’s kind of over, so what do you even do?”

Radkey, which has played with the likes of Jack White and The Offspring, is an independent band, so they pay all the up-front costs themselves.

“For a lot of bands, one month just going raw like this could really just derail so much and set you back so much time,” Isaiah said.

Luckily, Radkey has a dedicated fan base that has been trying to financially support them during this uncertain time.

“It’s amazing that we have awesome fans that have been really supportive because this is our profession. This is what we do and if we just all of the sudden can’t do it anymore, that means it can go away if you just didn’t really do a lot of things to try and kind of keep it rolling.”

The Quarantine Stream begins at 7 p.m. Friday. You can find information on the show and how to support the band here. You can visit Radkey’s website here.

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