With local companies’ help, KC couple finally getting married after venue overbooked

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Just days before their wedding in March, a metro couple found out they’d been bumped. But thanks to metro companies’ generosity, they’re finally getting hitched this weekend.

Cory Poling and his fiancé, Leilani Dela Cruz, were originally supposed to get married March 16 at the Historic Firestone Building.

A week before, Poling got a call from the owner of the venue saying he double-booked. They were offered a refund or the option to change their wedding day.

“Lost our venue, and we pushed it back to October to give family that had taken vacation time a chance to have more time to take off,” Poling said.

But the couple decided to hold their wedding elsewhere. And when their story aired on FOX4, the couple was flooded with offers to help.

Cory Poling and Leilani Dela Cruz

 “It was rough circumstances, and we saw it on Facebook. I contacted him and asked him if they wanted to possibly do it out here instead,” said Jesse Leimkuehler, the CEO of Belvoir Winery.

Leimkuehler was one of many people who reached out to the couple to help.

“Somewhere like 26 different businesses, mostly venues, reached out to us,” Poling said.

“Just to take care of them because we felt bad. Any time somebody has a bad experience -- it doesn’t matter if it’s here or somewhere else -- there’s nothing worse because then people get insecure about the industry and stuff like that. So we want to make sure they have a good experience,” Leimkuehler said.

Now, family and friends are in town to watch the couple finally tie the knot this Sunday.

“It’s just a huge blessing. I mean, we didn’t know what to do and then the Kansas City community just showed up in this huge way, and all these business and individuals came through and allowed us to be able to have our wedding,” Poling said. “Because of the people that offered to help us, we’re able to afford to still do the wedding we wanted.”

Poling said Belvoir stepped up with an amazing deal, including a wedding suite package, because they wanted the couple to save their money for their honeymoon.

“Now we’re actually going to have a better wedding than we were going to have before,” Poling said.

He said it’s been worry-free this time around.

“If we would have rescheduled with him, the whole time we’d be planning for the wedding, we’d be thinking is it going to happen again?” Poling said.

He said this experience has actually brought he and Dela Cruz closer together.

“Yeah, I’m not worried about anything life is going to throw at us. Having your wedding day canceled less than a week before -- if you can get through that without fighting and arguing, we’ll be alright,” Poling said.

Nick Abnos, the owner of The Urban Event in the Historic Firestone Building, spoke to FOX  by phone for the previous stories and said he offered the couple their money back and a room on a different date.



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