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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Portable toilets and washing stations are now set up around downtown for people experiencing homelessness.

It’s a partnership between the downtown and River Market community improvement districts, city hall and the KCATA.

Sean O’Bryne with the downtown council says with businesses closed, including the library, the homeless population doesn’t have anywhere to go use the bathroom or wash their hands.

“Providing these, which is basic, as far as dignity is concerned, provides a clean and safe environment for all of rate payers downtown, but it also provides something that is a very necessary function for everybody downtown,” he said.

There are about 25 stations spread out from River Market to Crown Center. They will stay in place throughout the crisis.                

Locations For Portable Toilets & Handwashing Stations:

1. 3rd & Grand: KCATA Parking Lot under lights.

2. 5th and Main: Grass Area due West of City Parking Lot.

3. Oppenstein Park: Back right area by lights. (Handwashing station)

4. 12th and I-70: Grass area by parking lot

5. Washington Park: Grand Blvd. across from 2345 Grand (Handwashing station)

6. 10th & Main: Metroplex close to drivers relief station

7. Library District: 9th and Baltimore Northwest corner by garage.

8. 8th and Charlotte: Just East of viaduct over highway.

9.11th and Charlotte: Northeast corner.

10.Ilus Davis Mall: 9th and Oak

11.Ilus Davis Mall: 11th and Locust (Handwashing station)

12.Case Park: 8th and Jefferson

13.Case Park: 10th and Kirk Drive

14.6th and Broadway: Southeast Corner

15.17th and Main: Northwest corner.

16.20th and Grand: Northeast corner.

17.29th and Wyandotte: Northwest corner.

18.18th and Oak: Southwest corner

19.Oak and 14th St. Northeast corner

20. 1st St and Guinotte (under/near the bridge)  (2 units)

21. 3rd St, under/near Broadway bridger (169 hwy) (2 units)

22. Northeast Athletic Fields – 6500 St John Ave 64123

23.WW1 Museum Park off of Kessler Rd (west side of Kessler)