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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The first of the month is this Saturday, meaning rent is due for tenants across the metro. 

Members of KC Tenants are demanding Jackson County courts halt evictions during the health crisis.

“Many people after months of joblessness, under mountains of debt, Americans are still expected to pay their rent and mortgage,” Ashley Johnson said. 

A federal eviction moratorium ended last week. It protected people living in federally subsidized housing from being put out. Extra unemployment benefits end on Friday.

Now many could soon be homeless.

“I don’t understand how on God’s green earth that anyone can sit there and not have compassion during this time that we’re going through as a nation,” one protester said.

KC Tenants is urging city official to find a solution. 

“The threat of eviction has always been big for us. Especially in a market where landlords can lie, cheat and steal and all the laws protect them,” KC Tenants Board President, Tiana Caldwell said. 

In a statement to FOX4, Jackson County says “As part of the judicial branch of our government, our court is compelled to protect the rights of all parties in cases filed here, by enforcing the law through procedures that are currently in place.”

For those not facing eviction, they’re asking for better living condition.

“Let’s think about this. I’m being told to stay home, but my home is making me sick. Make that make sense,” Michelle Miller said.