With more people at home, Salvation Army seeing fewer donations this holiday season


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — The Red Kettle Campaign is one of the Salvation Army’s biggest fundraisers of the year. But donations are down this holiday season.

“That was one of our great fears, not knowing how people would shop this year,” Divisional Commander, Major David Harvey said.

Harvey said the Salvation Army’s Missouri and Western Kansas Division is short $200,000 of its $1.1 million Red Kettle goal.

He said there are fewer donations this year because more people are staying at home during the pandemic.

“We were worried about the year, just at our location specifically because of COVID, whether people would be wanting to ring the bell at all. And whether people would be giving because of all the people who’ve lost jobs and lost income,” volunteer, Melisa Gum said. 

But there are some people donating this year. 

“For me, I haven’t lost my job and all my kids are still working. So I’m grateful for that. That’s the reason why I’ve donated, maybe even a little bit more this year than I normally do,” Anita Farris said. 

The Salvation Army says it’s not enough. That’s why they’ve made more options for people to donate from home.

“There’s still opportunities where people can go online and make donations at rescuechristmaskc.org. They can give online or if today they’re walking by a standout take a picture, donate through their phone,” Harvey said.

You can also write a mail-in check.



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