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WAYNE, N.J. — Store owners in New Jersey want to find some customers who displayed honest behavior Sunday night.

Management at a store in Wayne, NJ got a call from police saying there had been a break-in.

When they got to the store, nothing appeared to be out-of-place, but when they looked at security cameras, they realized some things were, in fact missing. But there was money left behind on the counter.

The security cameras show a handful of young men entering the store, doing a little shopping, then apparently calling out to a clerk who never showed up.

The shoppers didn’t know that the store was actually closed. Store managers think the store locked malfunctioned and allowed the men to open the door and go inside. Managers say the store lights stay on all night, so the store appeared open.

After doing a little mental math, the guys paid for the sunglasses and batteries. (Watch the video above!)

Management hopes the men come forward so they can receive gift certificates for being so honest.