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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Witnesses say they were stunned to hear up to a dozen gunshots fired Monday morning in the Jazz District.

The shooting happened near 19th and Vine.

Witnesses say it looked like an ambush. Just after 9:30 a.m., those in the area reported seeing several men surround a man as he was getting ready to enter his shop in the 18th and Vine district.

“That one guy that I know was standing up there,” witness Eddie Howard said. “They were all surrounding him. So I started calling the police, because I know that guy, and I was scared for his life. The next thing I know they were just shooting and all those people started running.”

A number of people told FOX 4 News one man had his shirt off and was in the middle of the street flexing, or strutting around, challenging someone else to fight. Many of the witnesses say they knew there would be trouble and didn’t stick around to see the exchange of gunfire that followed.

“I saw an old man standing on the corner,” witness Tammy Burrage said. “I told him he needs to move from this corner. They are going to fight, it’s not going to be just a fight. There’s going to be some shooting.”

People scattered following the gunshots, and witnesses reported seeing one man limping, as if he had been shot. Witnesses say he and another man sped away in a black Ford Mustang. Police are investigating whether reports of shots fired near 26th and Prospect and 26th and Chestnut also are tied to this incident.

The Jazz District historically has been among Kansas City’s safer neighborhoods. But some fear this latest shooting incident is just another example of how that’s changing.