Woman asks social media to identify strange, disturbing spider


Courtesy: Hailee Graff and KCPQ (q13fox.com)

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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TACOMA, Wash. — A  woman reached out to FOX 4 sister station KCPQ-TV, asking for help to identify a spider that will surely make many squirm.

Hailee Graff described it as a “creepy unknown species,” in her Facebook post. She said her friend,June found it floating in a decorative watering outside her home.

June described it as roughly an inch long, 8 legs and what seem to be antennas on the bulbous section.

“No clue what it is, alien!? Can you tell us?” Hailee asked.

That’s where Rob Crawford of Seattle’s Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture stepped in with his expertise and assured Graff that the mysterious creature is not a “new life form.”

He believes it is a folding-door spider.

“Their behavior is similar to the more-famous trapdoor spiders,” said Crawford. “They stay underground most of their lives which is why they are unfamiliar to most folks.”

Click here for more pictures of spiders found in the KC area.

We looked on YouTube and found this, if you’d like further knowledge about these spiders, which although they aren’t considered a threat to humans, they have a pretty powerful bite, this YouTube user says:



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