Woman brutally beaten in Raytown says attack was prompted by neighborhood feud

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RAYTOWN, Mo. -- Raytown police are investigating a brutal attack in broad daylight.

They said it was the result of a road rage incident, but the victim believes it's actually the boiling point of a long-standing neighborhood battle. We've also learned the suspect is a Kansas City, Missouri, firefighter.

The attack happened near Raytown High School at E. 59th Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard around 7 a.m. Tuesday.

The victim said she was just heading to work Tuesday morning and was crossing through that intersection, attempting to turn right, when she said a driver next to her, pulled ahead and blocked her in.

"She almost hit my car, going around me and honking," the victim, who did not want to be identified, told FOX4.

The victim recognized the driver who cut her off as a young woman who lives in her neighborhood.

"I got out of my car and said, 'What are you doing? What's going on? Why are you doing this?'" the victim said.

After a heated verbal exchange, she said the teen's dad showed up.

"He punched me and then he threw me to the ground. So I ended up on my stomach, laying on my stomach on the ground. He sat on my back and just started punching me, just kept on punching me," the victim said.

Witnesses told police the man slammed her head into the concrete.

"Everybody saw this and was getting out of their car trying to plead with him to stop. He wouldn't," she said.

She said the man finally backed off when police arrived and arrested him. But she was left with cuts all over her upper body, a swollen face, a bloodshot eye, and her arm needing bandages and a sling.

The victim alleges the suspect has been the center of a neighborhood feud spanning nearly 20 years.

"It's sad to say, I think this might have had to happen because we've had problems with him in this neighborhood. Year after year, somebody is a victim," she said.

John Diibon and other neighbors have called police on that man before. They've accused him of pulling guns, bullying, harassing and stalking them.

"Police won't do anything to him. They always let him off the hook," Diibon said.

Diibon works for the Kansas City Fire Department and said his neighbor behind all the issues works there, too, as a firefighter.

Nearly everyone on the block claims to have called police, the fire department and the HOA, trying to get something done. They hate that the problem escalated to the woman being beaten.

"It makes me feel uneasy. I've got a wife and kids. I'd never want anything to happen to them," neighbor Steven Trotter said.

They're all just hoping and praying the neighbor's arrest will finally be a wake-up call and lead to positive change.

KCPD confirms they've responded to the home in question, but had not found enough evidence to arrest the man for making threats.

He was arrested by Raytown police Tuesday morning, and the prosecutor's office is now reviewing the case for criminal charges. FOX4 is not naming the man at this time because formal charges have not been filed yet.

The Kansas City Fire Department said it's not yet received a formal report on Tuesday's incident.

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