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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Good Samaritan was robbed of her car and phone outside of Truman Medical Center after giving a couple a ride there.

Joni Bontrager says she had just finished driving for Uber around 2 a.m. on Sunday morning and decided to get something to eat before headed home.

“I went down to Texas Toms to get some drive through. Well after I got my food, I see a couple standing right there by the street and when I was getting ready to leave the chick waved me over,” said Bontrager.

“She’s like, ‘can you help us out? We walked all the way here from North Kansas City, we need a ride to Truman Medical Center, so-and-so is in the hospital right now,’” Bontrager recalls.

Since it was right around the corner and the couple seemed friendly, Bontrager agreed to give them a ride.

“When they were getting ready to get out the guy just reaches over and grabs my neck and I was down from there,” she explained.

Bontrager fought as hard as she could, but was eventually overpowered and forced from the car. With her phone in the stolen vehicle, she used a stranger’s phone to call police to report the crime. She later tracked her iPhone to a location in Kansas City, Kansas before it was turned off.

“I hope somebody out there knows something and can find these people and find my car,” said Bontrager.

Meanwhile, she says she’ll be more hesitant to help others in the future.

“No, anybody ever asks me I’m going to tell them last time I did it somebody carjacked me, I’m going to tell them ‘no, don’t ask,’” she says.

Truman Medical Center has not responded to our requests for comment or information about this incident.