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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Authorities removed several cats from the home of a Northland woman who was cited months ago for hoarding hundreds of dead and live cats after neighbors again complained of the smell, and said that Delores Metcalf was again hoarding cats.

Metcalf was cited last September for animal cruelty after Kansas City Animal Control officers seized more than 150 cats and kittens, one dog and a ferret from her Northland home. In addition, officers took over 50 dead cats from the property.

Under Kansas City ordinance, Metcalf is not allowed to have more than four cats on her property at any one time.

Metcalf admitted to FOX 4 on Thursday that there were more than four prowling around her property.

“I will take them to my farm,” she told FOX 4.

Animal Control officer Aaron Porter told FOX 4 that they obtained a search warrant for the property on Thursday, March 22nd.

“We got a search warrant, just checking on the welfare of the cats, but she won’t answer the door,” said Porter, who said that he’s not sure if there are any more dead cats inside the home.

Animal Control officers returned to the home on March 27th and confiscated 10 adult cats, six kittens.