KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A woman shot the night of Saturday, October 21 died days after she was hit near 39th and Main in Midtown Kansas City, and police say she wasn’t the person the suspected shooter was firing at.

Kansas City police say Courtney Wickman, 33, was shot in the head in an alley as she and others were leaving a restaurant, and was taken to a hospital at about 10:30 p.m. in critical condition. Police gave an update on Thursday that Wickman died from her injuries.

Court documents reveal two security officers spoke with KCPD detectives and said a woman, identified in those documents as 21-year-old Katera Mayfield, was combative as they tried to remove her from an event after she caused a disturbance. One of the security officers said Mayfield spit in his face before he managed to put her in a vehicle.

The security officer said she began to drive off, but then rolled down a window, pointed a gun at him and pulled the trigger twice, but it didn’t fire either time. She then drove to a parking lot, and as one of the security officers was headed back to the event, he said he heard between four and five shots and saw Mayfield shooting at him before she drove away from the scene.

He said he took cover, and then saw Wickman on the ground, she had been struck by a bullet.

Two people who were with Wickman described that they saw a disagreement happening followed by the sounds of shots. They all got on the ground and one of them noticed Wickman wasn’t moving.

Other witnesses who saw what happened knew Mayfield and were able to identify her from a photographic lineup and provided an address for her.

While Wickman was fighting for her life, prosecutors filed assault and armed criminal action charges against Mayfield on Sunday. KCPD said the investigation led officers to Topeka and eventually Osage County, Kansas, where with the assistance of the local sheriff’s office they found Mayfield dead in an apparent suicide.