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DALLAS — A family is trying to figure out what happened after a loved one died calling 911. Deanna Cook called police for help after her ex-husband allegedly attacked her.

Because Cook was calling for a cell phone, the dispatcher had a hard time locating her address. Officers were dispatched to the woman’s home once the address was located. Once they got to the scene, police knocked on the door and received no response. They didn’t do any further investigation and left the scene.

The police chief says that’s not standard protocol and would like to know what happened.

“Obviously, the outcome is not what we wanted to occur we wanted to get in there and save her life we don’t know if we could have but we are going to look at everything we did and make sure that if corrective action needs to be taken it will be taken,” said Chief David Brown, Dallas Texas Police Chief.

Police say the call was never listed as a high priority call. Cook’s family members found her dead inside the home two days after the call to police was made.

Cook’s ex-husband is now facing murder charges.