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TORONTO — A Canadian woman found quite the find when she discovered an actual space suit for sale at a local thrift store.

The space suit, which formally belonged to Astronaut Chris Hadfield, somehow traveled from the International Space Station all the way to a Canadian thrift shop. Hadfield was the astronaut known for singing Space Oddity while in space.

After his trip aboard the International Space Station, Hadfield retired from the Canadian Space Agency in 2013.

But even he hasn’t the slightest idea know how his suit got here.

Dr. Julielynn Wong was the shopper who spotted the suit. She communicated with Hadfield via Facebook, where is confirmed this was in fact his suit.

“And my, my jaw just dropped. I said, ‘I can’t believe this. This flight suit looks just like the flight suit that he wears on the back of his book,” said Wong, who discovered the suit.

She only paid $40 for the authentic space suit.