Woman escapes scary Uber ride by jumping from moving vehicle

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — An Uber ride turned into a terrifying ordeal for one KC woman on Saturday night that ended when she jumped out of a moving car.

The nightmare began at the Caddy Shack in Columbus Park, when Margot Thompson called an Uber to head toward West Plaza to visit a friend. It’s a ride she often takes, but the route her driver took was in the opposite direction.

“If you were going 35 South, you would go through the River Market and then get on to the highway through there,” Thompson said.

Her driver, Adan, headed east on Guinotte Ave. Thompson said the driver ignored the GPS directions as well as her requests to turn around.

“My intuition ticked. I realized we were heading the East Bottoms to a more remote industrial area. At this point, this man could’ve turned around several times,” she said.

When the driver crossed Guinotte & Lydia, Thompson said she tucked and rolled out of the moving car. She then hid near a staircase and phoned a friend who arrived minutes later.

“Bad things happen 24 hours a day. I don’t think in anyway I brought it upon myself for working weird hours,” Thompson mentioned.

Thompson is a bartender and said she depends on Uber to get around at night. Before this incident, she described Uber as a “godsend.”

She reported the driver to Uber, who was quick to respond. In an email, Uber said they’re “working on this investigation.”

“We take all customer feedback seriously and as soon as we heard from the rider, we removed the driver’s access to the platform. We’re continuing to review this matter,” the company said in a statement.

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