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LAFAYETTE COUNTY, Mo. — A Lafayette County woman faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine after her two pet chihuahuas allegedly killed one of her neighbor’s pet chickens.

According to George Gamblin and his wife, Nittaya, the incident wasn’t the first time that they’ve had to chase the dogs from their chicken coup.

“We’ve run them out of here before,” said Gamblin, who says that his wife injured her knee chasing the dogs out of the coup.

The dogs’ owner, Joy McDonald, told the Kansas City Star that her dogs were barking, which led to the chicken having a heart attack. But Gamblin says that wasn’t how it happened, and further more the attack has caused them to be the butt of jokes.

“It’s kind of gone to this country hick chicken have a heart attack, ‘Hee-Haw’ kind of thing,” said Gamblin. “My wife is from Thailand, and she just likes to have them around because when she was young, she had chickens and it kind of reminds her of home.”

McDonald declined to comment on the story, citing advice from her attorney who also declined to comment. Gamblin says that he doesn’t want to see his neighbor go to jail – all he wants is for her to keep her pets away from his.

“I don’t want to be paid for the chicken. I just want the dogs off my place and destroying our property,” said Gamblin. “To me, the idea of respecting people’s property is lost in all this.”

But Gamblin says that being the butt of chicken heart attack jokes isn’t as painful as the thought of seeing his wife upset again over losing a comforting pet that reminds her of childhood.

“We had another incident where a dog from her house, which is a black medium sized dog, also killed chickens over here,” said Gamblin.

The Lafayette County Prosecutor declined to comment because the case is ongoing.