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GARDNER, Kan. — A woman filling up her gas tank in Gardner, Kansas recently got a slithering surprise.

“When I was done filling up my car, I went in to show the attendant,” Holly Malkames told FOX4.  “Asked jokingly if they were trying to prank me! Showed them the video and they were shocked!”

It was a snake stuck in the machine still alive.

Malkames said this happened at the Phillips 66 Mini Mart.

“They were able to get the snake out the next day,” she added. “It was much smaller than it appeared in the screen.”

Malkames said it felt like everyone in the story came over to her to watch her video of the snake slithering across the screen. She said they all got a good laugh over the whole incident.

“That dang thing even curled around where I saw its head– that’s when I knew for sure it was real so grabbed my phone so people would believe me!” Malkames said.