Woman Hopes Others Learn from Her Fight with Eating Disorders

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Shawnee, Kan. -- A woman says her fight with anorexia has ended up being a death sentence. Ten months ago she entered hospice care with six months to live.

Now Danielle Buettner says she's still fighting and wants to beat the disease. Her life depends on it. She hopes that by sharing her story others with anorexia will get help before it's too late

Buettner went into hospice in May 2011 because she had multiple organ failure. Now she says she's not sure if she looks any better, but she feels better mentally, and she's hoping for a miracle.

"I believe in miracles, I do," she says. "Because I have flat lined twice and here I am."

Her brother put together a video to help tell Buettner's story. She says her goal now is to help people, especially educators and health care workers understand a mind like hers, what she's going through and how you can help.

"There are reasons behind these people's behavior," Buettner says. "They don't just do things for attention -- that's not how it works. That's what I believe."

Buettner says she was just six years old when she was molested. Her abuser used food to manipulate her. That's when food started to make her sick. She says eating disorders aren't just about food, it's a cry for help. A cry that shouldn't be ignored. She says confronting someone directly but in a compassionate way is a good first step. And she says don't give up on them, she's still confronting her own addictions one day at a time.

"I was basically addicted to exercise, but last week I threw away my treadmill," Buettner says. "And that was a huge step for me."

Buettner says eating disorders beat down your body and your mind. The only thing it won't beat is her faith in miracles.

"I have a strong faith and that's what has kept me alive," she says.

Buettner hopes to possibly start a foundation that will support people who want to get treatment for their eating disorders. Check out her Youtube video here.

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