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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A woman is dead after an overnight shooting Friday morning in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Around 2:45 a.m. Kansas City police were called to the area of Westport Road and Mill Street for reported shooting. After arriving officers located an adult woman with gunshot wounds in the parking lot of the World Market.

EMS arrived and pronounced the woman dead at the scene a short time later. Police later identified the victim as 20-year-old Alawna Collier.

We are saddened by the gun violence in our metro and the occurrence last night around 3 AM that resulted in a life lost on the edge of the district’s perimeter. We send our condolences to the victim’s family.

Despite reports, Westport’s Enhanced Security Screening was NOT in effect because it was a Thursday and not a warm weather month.

This incident is under investigation and appears to have happened between the victim and a suspect outside the area where the district would have screened. We, like all communities, search for preventative measures. Westport has extensive security, cameras, and safety measures in place. These sorts of crimes warrant a societal response determining what more a district, city, state, or nation can do.

Westport Businesses Statement

On Twitter, Mayor Quinton Lucas shared ideas for how Westport could improve safety and security.

“Turning a few feet of public sidewalk into private space was never the safety cure for Westport long term. Activation, lighting, and security in large parking lots is one step that we continue to encourage neighborhood owners to pursue. More staggered bar closing times is another,” he wrote.

“It is also time to close the World Market parking lot to vehicles at night and to instead program the space. Access to firearms stored in vehicles there continues to be an impediment to area safety.”

Investigators are searching for potential witnesses, hoping someone leaving the popular Thursday night area has information that can help.

“It’s sad,” Savion Davis said. “Need to stop the violence. People need to put the guns down.”

Others in the Westport area agree, saying they like the area until the clock hits a certain time.

Tolli Rasmussen said she still feels safe going to Westport during the day, but would not be there past midnight. 

“I’m shocked and it’s very disappointing,” Rasmussen said, “to know that this happened to somebody, it’s devastating honestly.”

“Everybody needs to be kind to each other,” Rasmussen said, “and help each other out and i don’t know how these situations start, to end this way.”

Other visitors to the entertainment district say they will continue to go to Westport.

“If you want to go out and have a good time just make sure you’re safe and doing all that you can to get home as safe as possible,” Bo Cook said. 

Police have not released any information on a potential suspect. 

KCPD spokesperson Donna Drake said this marks the 15th homicide victim in Kansas City this year. 

“When you think about that, we’re just in the beginning of February for 2023. That’s 15 families in our community that are suffering tremendously. Not only their families, the rest of the community and the friends of that person. We’ve got to do better. This is not a good start to 2023,” Drake said.

Anyone with more information is encouraged to contact the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS.