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NORTON, Oh. — A woman in Ohio is recovering from an industrial accident that left her with a horrific injury. Monica Thayer spent nearly three weeks in the hospital. The 25-year-old was cleaning parts from a machine that cuts steel tubing when she was yanked face first into the device.

“My biggest fear was that I would be moments away from getting rescued, and then it would start-up and kill me,” she said. “The next thing I realized, it had sucked me up and pulled me behind the bar that started to spin as I was cleaning the machine out, and up against the cutter.”

A fellow co-worker stopped the machine by hitting the safety stop button. EMS and Fire crews worked for 20 minutes to get her out of the machine.

Thayer lost her eyebrows and hair as well as her scalp in the accident.

“Doctors worked relentlessly for eight hours to stop me from bleeding and get me to retain blood, because that was their biggest concern — that I would bleed to death,” she said.

Thayer had three skin graft surgeries to attach skin from her thighs and hip to hear head. Doctors say her hair will not grow back. She says she can deal with that.

“I’m okay with it right now. I am fearful of when I take the bandages off, how I’m going to react to seeing the grafts for the first time,” she said. “I’m comfortable with the fact that I’m going to have to buy wigs for the rest of my life and that kind of thing, because you can buy wigs. You can’t buy a life.”

Believe it or not, Thayer says her head doesn’t hurt very bad because she lost so many nerves in the accident. She says not angry over the accident and she’s glad to be alive. One thing she would like is for the manufacturer of the machine to make safety improvements.

“I don’t want this to happen to anybody else. It was horrific. It was terrifying,” she said. “I would never wish this upon anybody, not even my worst enemy.”