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PLATTE COUNTY, Mo. — A Texas woman went before a judge on Monday, and pleaded not guilty to killing her husband’s lover. Shannon O’Roark-Griffin is charged with first degree murder in the death of Irina Puscariu, who had an affair with Griffin’s husband.

The judge also set a preliminary hearing date for later next month. According to court documents, Griffin drove 250 miles to gun down Puscariu just hours after a marriage counseling session where Griffin’s husband told his wife he was having an affair with Puscariu and he refused to end it. The court records show that Griffin called her husband as she drove away from Puscariu’s Gladstone home and told him she just killed his lover.  Puscariu’s mother saw the whole thing and identified griffin from a photo line up.

Puscariu was a psychiatrist with the Kansas City V.A. Hospital.  Some of her friends were in the courtroom today. They didn’t want to speak on camera, but they say they’re still in disbelief about all this because Piscariu told them she ended the affair in November when she found out that her lover Roscoe Griffin was married. Roscoe Griffin was also in the courtroom today but did not speak to reporters.

FOX 4 has also learned that another legal battle might be brewing related to the murder case. Court documents were filed late Monday regarding Puscariu’s estate. Last week the lawyer Charles Frahm, a friend of Puscariu, said he was handling the estate since Puscariu’s mother doesn’t speak English. But the motion filed in court Monday was not filed by that lawyer. It is an application for guardianship, meaning the county would take over the estate.  FOX 4 will know more about why someone filed that motion and what’s behind it all once the court documents are public on January 24.