Woman police say stole a car from the gas station with 3-year-old inside remains on the run

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Charges were filed but a search continues.

Karri Reich, a mugshot from a prior arrest

The woman police say stole a car from the gas station is still missing, and Fox 4 has learned Karri Reich is no stranger to the law.

Reich is supposed to be sentenced for felony eluding and meth possession at 10 a.m. Tuesday in Wyandotte County.

Meantime, 48 hours after her disappearance, the little girl's mother says she's forgiven her boyfriend who left her sleeping in the back seat.

"It took two minutes and this 2 minutes turned into the longest 2 hours of this child`s mother`s life," KCK District Attorney Mark Dupree said.

Two minutes for Alexis Murray's boyfriend to run into a gas station and get a treat for the sleeping 3-year-old inside.

Prosecutors say it's all the time it took for Karri Reich to drive away with Tyler Letzig's help.

Tyler Letzig

"He feels super guilty because he doesn't do it with his kids and that one time that you do it is that one time that something happens," the 3-year-old's mom, Alexis Murray said.

Murray says she was at the police station when she got the word Amaya Vestor had been found.

"There was a lot of police that was coming, saving me," Amaya told Fox 4.

Though it's unclear whether Letzig and Reich had any intention to take off with the child, District Attorney Mark Dupree said he factored in the remote area Vestor was abandoned when charging them both with kidnapping and child endangerment.

"If she would have gotten out of the car and roamed could have easily fallen in a potential hole could have been attacked by some of the animals that are out there, could have gone and hid somewhere and for miles there are no people," Dupree said.

Murray says she forgives her boyfriend and so has her daughter.

"Lesson learned, we won't be doing that again ever," Murray said.

It's a story Dupree hopes everyone learns from.

"It is my hope that no child is ever taken away from their parent again by the misstep or mistake of the parent leaving their child unattended, it is not okay and it is not right," Dupree said.




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