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KEARNEY, Mo. — A woman said she went to a restroom, assuming she was alone, but when she headed toward the sink, she said a man put her hands around her shoulders and neck, and he also cut her with a knife and kicked her in the head. According to court documents, the victim said she fought back, kicking the man in the crotch.

The incident happened on Monday at First United Methodist Church in Kearney. The man that the victim identified in the attack was 54-year-old Richard Bjorgo. He has been convicted and pleaded guilty to similar crimes in Kansas and Missouri.

In 1994, he was convicted of attempted murder after attacking a woman at a Schnuck’s grocery store in Olathe. In 2003, just two years after getting out of prison for that attack, Bjorgo pleaded guilty to assault and attempted invasion of privacy for watching women undress in Walmart and attacking a woman in a Blue Springs Denny’s.

In this latest alleged attack, Bjorgo told police he was high on meth. Several other people who were inside the church at the time ran out to catch Bjorgo. They say he sped away, driving erratically.

They followed him until Kearney police arrested the suspect at 128th and Jesse James Farm Road. The victim in this case suffered bruising and cuts, and court documents say she fears for her life. Meanwhile, Bjorgo is in jail on a $100,000 bond, charged with felony assault and felony armed criminal action.