Woman says KCK Burger King employee tossed her phone in trash, management did nothing

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A metro fast-food worker is accused of stealing a customer’s phone and then tossing it in the trash.

Cassaundra Wells said a recent visit to Burger King, at the corner of 40th and Rainbow, left a bad taste in her mouth.

“We just came to get a quick bite to eat and go about our Friday evening,” she said. “This is not something that should’ve occurred in front of children.”

Wells was at the restaurant with her two children and went to the restroom. She unknowingly left her phone and went back to the dining area. When Wells realized she didn’t have her phone, she went back to the restroom, but it was gone.

“I knew for a fact no customers had left or entered the restaurant,” she said.

Wells said the employees at the store were no help. So she got a hold of her husband who contacted their phone provider to track the phone. The tracking software indicated that the phone was at Burger King.

“Her intuition was telling her the whole time that one of them had her phone,” said Dominic Wells, Cassaundra’s husband.

Police got involved. An officer checked the surveillance cameras at the restaurant, which apparently showed an employee dump the phone in a dumpster behind the restaurant. Police cited the employee for theft.

“To get treated that way and all in the end for it to be that someone in this establishment did take my property, it’s upsetting,” Cassaundra said.

The Wells said they tried calling Burger King Corporate but were referred to the manager at the store several times.

“She was more on her employees’ side that they didn’t do anything wrong,” Dominic said. “She was like, ‘Well good luck with that because you’ll get me every time.’”

“It’s like you have an issue with the store and then you try to go higher up and they’re pinging you back and forth as if it’s just an order they messed up or something,” Cassaundra added.

A spokesperson for Burger King released the following statement to FOX4:

“The actions transpired do not reflect our brand standards and values. The restaurant operator fully cooperated with police, and the crew member is no longer part of the Burger King family, having been terminated. The restaurant operator has been in contact with the guests and is looking forward to welcoming them back soon to treat them to a brand experience that truly upholds our standards.”

“I’m glad to hear they don’t have any more thieves working for them,” Dominic said.

The Wells’ said they are happy to hear the company held the employee accountable. However, they don’t plan to go back to BK.

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