OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A woman says a mattress lying in the middle of a busy Johnson County highway caused two cars to wreck. Her son was driving one of them.

The crash happened Thursday on Interstate 435 between Roe Avenue and Nall Avenue.

That woman wants driver to take note and properly secure their loads before driving.

Remnants of a mattress remain on I-435. It caused not one, but two cars to wreck on Thursday.

“A mattress was out in the road and a lady in front of him hit it, hit the barrier,” Sharon Pringle said. “He had no time to react and rear ended her and totaled his truck.”

Pringle said both her son and the other driver are lucky the wreck wasn’t more serious.

“He’s my youngest son,” she said. “I don’t want to bury my children. He could have been hurt. Airbags didn’t deploy.”

Debris like this impacts more than drivers. It also impacts Kansas Department of Transportation workers like Chris Fasching.

“It’s a hazard. It’s hazardous for the drivers behind them and for us when we have to go out there and pick it up in the middle of the lane,” Fasching said.

He said every day vehicles lose items on the roads, so drivers need to pay extra attention to their loads.

“I would encourage everybody to double check their, their loads, you know, cover them up, tie them down. Don’t create a hazard for somebody else,” Fasching said.

Pringle wanted to share her son’s story to hopefully prevent future accidents like this, she said.

“I just pray that this never happens to anyone else.”

To report debris in the roadway, motorists can call KC Scout at 816-607-2000 or report online here.