Woman says more could’ve been done to save husband after he was hit on 71 Highway

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A woman says more could’ve been done to save her husband after he was hit on a busy highway. The man tried to retrieve his cell phone from the middle of 71 Highway when he was struck by a van.

It was 10 o’clock on the night of Wednesday, August 12, and Jennifer Mackey was lying on top of her husband.

“That was the love of my life. I wasn’t going to let nobody else hit him. If anybody else hit him, they were going to hit both of us,” she said.

Reports say a city-owned van struck him in the middle of 71 Highway. Michael White accidentally left his cell phone on top of his car, it rolled off on to the street. Mackey says White parked and they both got out.

“I picked up his phone, I had his phone in my hand when he heard the cell phone case get run over in the middle of the street so he ran out there to get the case,” she said.

He was barely alive when she finally got to him.  CJ Mitchell was also in the car the night of the accident. He tried to drag White out of the street. They’ve been best friends since seven years old.

“I’m saying get up Mikey, get up. He had this strong start at me. He couldn’t respond but he was still there,” Mitchell recalled.

Mackey spends her days saving lives as a nurse so she did what she could before help came. She says she never left his side.

“I love him, hold on. I pleaded with god. I pleaded with everybody and everything out there. And he did. For over twenty, thirty minutes he had a pulse. He did,” said Mackey with tears in her eyes.

Mackey says she did chest compressions on White for nearly 20 minutes waiting for help to arrive. She says they were slow to help.

“There were a lot of reasons for people to fight for him that night and nobody did,” she said about that night.

But according to police, officers were there within a couple minutes of the call; the ambulance arrived under five minutes. Police say they did everything they could.



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