Woman scammed by fake water dept. workers shares cautionary tale

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A warning for Overland Park residents from police and a 75-year-old widow. Don't open your doors for people you don't know.

Frances Quick learned that the hard way when a man claiming to work for the water department knocked on her door Wednesday afternoon.

"He asked me if he could see where the water line goes into the back and I didn't think anything of it," Quick explained.

Quick let the man in and walked him through the home to the back yard. Along the way he asked for a tape measure and for some help.

"He wanted me to keep the tape measure on a certain spot, he said he was going to go get the flags to put on the spots where he had measured," said Quick.

But the man never came back. Quick soon realized while she was out back with one man, another was inside stealing a ring, watch and items out of her purse. While she was standing outside, both men got away. She called police and instantly began blaming herself.

"I can't quit doing that because I blame myself, I should have listened to my husband, even if he isn't here, I should have listened to that advice long time ago, don't let anybody in," Quick said.

Quick's husband passed away in July. It's been an emotional few months and the water department ruse didn't help. But she learned a lesson and is hopeful sharing her story, will keep someone else from getting taken.

"I'm trying to let eveyone know, especially the ladies that are at home by themselves during the day, what to do and that's not open the door," Quick urged.

Overland Park police say another elderly couple also fell victim. No one was injured, but police are concerned and want to find the suspects. They also remind you to never open the door to anyone you don't know. If someone claims to work for a utility company, don't hesitate to ask for ID or call the company to verify who they are. If all else fails, you can call police.



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