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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A woman shot a man who tried to get into her home on 106th and Greenwood Thursday afternoon in Kansas City, Mo.

Shirley Roberts, 52, told police three young men tried to break into her home around noon Thursday.

According to Roberts, the men pulled in front of her home and went to her front door and tried to get in. When the men couldn’t, Roberts said the men then put on blue rubber gloves and tried to get into her back door.

It was then that Roberts, home alone, grabbed a gun and fired a single shot through her glass back door, hitting one of the men in the chest.

Her husband came home a short time later. He said he’s just glad his wife survived the ordeal.

“I’m not bragging about it,” Oscar Roberts said. “I’m just glad she’s unharmed and, as I said, ‘Just protect yourself.'”

Police say the robbers also fired back before they took off. The men were later arrested at Research Medical Center.

“It’s scary as a woman in your house and just imagine someone coming in and kicking in your house,” said neighbor Rita Bryant.

The wounded would-be robber was in stable condition at last check.

“Get your life threatened, you have to retaliate,” said Oscar.

Oscar is convinced learning how to fire a gun at their favorite shooting range saved his wife’s life.