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A woman was tossed to the ground by a runaway camel during a tour in Morocco and is now suing TripAdvisor over the fall, the Boston Globe reports.

Breanna Ayala, 24, is accusing TripAdvisor, a Massachusetts based company, and Viator, a subsidiary, of breach of contract and negligence.

In a  lawsuit filed in Norfolk Superior Court on Monday, she says TripAdvisor did not ensure the camel tour was running safely.

Ayala booked a sunset camel tour with her family in Marrakech, Morocco.

Before the January 2018 tour, Ayala claims that she and her family were not given a safety briefing.

A TripAdvisor spokesperson declined to comment on the pending litigation.

The lawsuit claims that during the tour, one of the camel handlers told Ayala that the camel she was on was pregnant and about a month away from giving birth.

Ayala then reportedly broke her arm when the camel ran from the caravan and she fell off.

The suit alleges that the handlers waited for an hour to call an ambulance and didn’t call one until the tour company owner arrived.

Ayala was in the hospital for two days after having surgery in Morocco.

“What was supposed to happen didn’t happen, and I don’t think you can say, ‘It’s at your own risk. Too bad,’” Ayala’s attorney Andrew Abrahamsaid.