Woman thankful she was away when her Pleasant Valley home was burglarized

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LEAWOOD, Kan. -- Burglaries lead to a high speed chase that crossed state lines and ended in a Pleasant Valley neighborhood Tuesday night.

The thief broke into several homes in a Leawood neighborhood, and then fled from police during a high speed chase that ended in the Pleasant Valley residential area.

One resident told says she had a really close call.

Perijo Maddox realized someone had broken into her home when she noticed the open garage and broken down door.

She was afraid the thief was still roaming around her house and maybe even hurt her two Dalmatians

“I’m hoping that my old granny dogs actually scared him off because that appears to be the only place where he took things,” said Maddox.

The bold burglar got away two wind-up watches, jewelry, and a $15,000 custom made bike.

“On his way out, he opened the garage door and took the weed wacker and leaf blower,” she said.

Police chased the thief and caught him in Pleasant Valley. It was the happy ending Maddox hoped for something that didn’t happen the first time her home was broken into years before.

“He took everything they could find in my apartment and tied me up and took my car,” said Maddox.

She says she’s just glad that this time she wasn’t home.

Another victim also told FOX 4 that she was home when her jeep was stolen from her garage. She jumped into another car and tried to trail the thief but lost sight of him.



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