Woman thanks first responders, nurses, doctors who helped save her life after head-on collision

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A local woman who was involved in a traumatic car crash spent Monday morning thanking the people who helped save her life.

Car crash
Amy Alexander was traveling south on 69-Highway when a vehicle traveling the wrong way hit her head-on and changed her life for forever.

Amy Alexander’s life changed forever when she was driving south on 69-Highway and another driver heading the wrong direction hit her head-on.

The crash happened in February and left Amy’s car looking like a mangled mess.

Amy had to be rushed to the hospital and treated for chest and hip pain. After undergoing several tests doctors discovered that Amy had a torn aorta in her heart. She immediately underwent emergency surgery.

Amy stayed in the hospital for 13 days following her surgery and six months later she is still taking steps towards a full recover.

“I don’t remember much of my time spent in ICU and that’s okay,” Amy said. “The hardest part for me was being told I couldn’t walk for at least three months. I’ve always been independent. When this happens, you feel trapped and 24 hours a day you have to rely on others for basic needs like getting dressed, showering, meals and going to the bathroom.”



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