Woman trades wedding rings for Chiefs tickets

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Our sports teams, Royals, Chiefs, Sporting KC, are doing well, you can just feel it in the whole city.

Rusty Jones is an avid Chiefs fan who’s had season tickets since 1993. He found a lady on Craigslist who was selling her wedding bands in an effort to buy Chiefs tickets. She was actually looking to make a trade: rings for tickets.

She wanted to remain anonymous, but she spoke with FOX 4 over the phone on Friday.

“I was sitting at work one day and it kind of just hit me that I had this ring from a previous marriage that’s been sitting in a drawer for almost 10 years,” she said.

Jones and his girlfriend agreed on the ring. After some emails, the ad was taken down. His seats were lower level seats and she was looking for club level seats, so he assumed she went with someone else.

“I told my girlfriend, looks like the deal is dead,” Jones says, “It`s not going to happen.”

After a few days the ad was re-posted. He emailed her and they agreed to meet at a jewelry store up north to get it appraised to make sure it was legitimate.

“I just simply wanted to get tickets for my husband`s birthday present,” the anonymous woman says, “we’re not the type of people that want this kind of attention, we just want to live our life and, you know, go to games!”

She told me she`s received some nasty comments from people in our community.

“I cant believe how mean and hateful people are, especially that don`t know the whole story. The ring is from a previous marriage, so it holds no value to me whatsoever.”

She says it was piece of jewelry that was never used or worn, just sitting in a drawer.

“Trading a ring that wasn’t being used versus money out of pocket, which is money that we really didn’t have, or couldn’t afford. It was smart for me to do it,” she adds.

Jones says although he`ll miss a great game, he thinks the exchange was worth it too.

“I think it’s a great deal for both of us!”

Jones’ girlfriend doesn’t know he ended up getting the ring. He’s planning on proposing this weekend.

Jones also gave the previous ring owner a few more tickets than originally offered because she wanted club level tickets. So he offered her two more tickets to any other game too. She got 6 tickets total.



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