Woman Uses Paintball Gun to Stop Intruder

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GALVESTON, Tex. -- A Galveston woman's quick thinking helped her defend her family against an intruder. You may be surprised to hear what the homeowner used as a weapon. Carrie King said she heard an intruder at her front door.

"I don't know how he jimmied the door, but he got in and he started rustling through some stuff, and then, he went upstairs," King said.

That's when King grabbed her paintball gun and called 911.

"I gave her the location, what was going on and then my name, and told her to get here now," King said. "I was armed with a paintball gun."

The burglar proceeded to go upstairs in King's home. Surprisingly, he was drawn to something that the homeowner would've probably given him. He went after some loose change and some Ramen noodles... one chicken, one beef.

King had lots of other coins and jewelry along with plenty of food in the freezer.

"I've got steak. I've got groceries. And you go after Ramen noodles? Really?" she said.

When the intruder returned to the main floor of the home, King put her paintball gun to good use. She fired yellow paintballs at the man. The suspect, identified as Elvis Alexander, was covered with bright yellow paint when officers took him into custody.



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