Woman certain she would die when man broke into KC home, hitting her with hammer, destroying belongings

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KANSAS CITY, Mo – A metro woman says she narrowly escaped a man after he attacked her with a hammer. It happened Friday morning in Kansas City. Police were called and the man barricaded himself in the woman’s home, destroying everything she owned.

Walking through the Kansas City apartment, you’d think a tornado slammed into it. Broken glass everywhere, smashed mirrors and paintings but then you see the butcher knife and the burnt door which begins to tell a different terrifying story.

“When I went outside the hallway, getting ready to lock my door my ex-boyfriend was hiding around the steps.”

Melinda Wiley says he pushed her back inside the apartment and begin hitting her in the back with a hammer, telling her he was going to kill her then take his own life.

“Oh my god I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die. This man is really going to kill me.”

Melinda says he walked back into a different room and she escaped through the front door and called 911.

“If I had not acted as quick as I did, I would’ve been dead. I could’ve lost my life,” Wiley said.

When police showed up, the man barricaded himself inside her home, threatening to kill himself. Police armed with snipers surrounded the building, while the man was inside, he was busy destroying her home.

“He demolished the whole house. From every room, to every wall, to every door.”

Melinda was terrified and confused when she got a call Saturday from the suspect. After a 24 hour hold, the man has been released from jail. Not only has she lost all of her belongings, she has now lost every sense of security in her life.

“It terrifies me.”

FOX 4 reached out to police to see why this man was released and when charges will be filed. They said they would check on it and get back with us on Monday.



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