Woman whose dog was dumped by city employees speaks out

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One woman is speaking out after city employees improperly disposed of her deceased dog.

The City of Kansas City, Mo., will pick up residents’ dead animals and take them to Animal Control for proper disposal. On November 4, at least five dogs were picked up through the city, but they never made it to the proper disposal site. Instead, as one city inspector described it, “they were put in garbage bags and thrown out like trash.” The dogs were found in a secluded area along I-35 off Northeast Oak Ridge Road.

One of the dogs had a microchip, which led investigators to Cheryl Gentry, who said she trusted the city to do the right thing for her dog, which she considered family.

“Our family grieved over that dog,” she said. “We are grieving again — and then for them to not even have a heart.”

Gentry said she raised her dog Diamond from a pup.

“She was a little bitty baby,” she said. “She was weened from her mother early, so we raised her up on a baby bottle.”

Gentry says in late October, 15-year-old Diamond died in her arms. She took her to the curb, covered her with a sheet and waited for the city to pick her up. Gentry said she remembers the two men who came to get Diamond, and said she was shocked when she got a phone call from a city inspector seven months later saying,”Hey, we found your dog, and I’m like, ‘Mister, don’t play with me, my dog is dead and gone.’ He’s like no, she has a chip in her … we found her in a field with other dogs, and I’m like, no.”

Instead of taking Diamond to Animal Control, the city says she was stuffed in a garbage bag with another dog and dumped. The city inspector sent Gentry a picture of Diamond’s decomposed body. For Gentry, seeing it was as painful as the day Diamond died.

“It really, really hurts now because looking at the pictures that they sent to me, telling me that she wasn’t disposed of properly. My son cried, I cried. I really want something done, I really do.”

The city says it is looking into disciplinary action against the two Public Works employees, and it could include termination.



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