Woman without children receives ‘Mom of Year’ award for snatching gun from 11-year-old on Chicago street


Courtesy: WBBM & CNN

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CHICAGO — A southside Chicago church honored a woman as ‘Mother of the Year’ on Mother’s Day for taking a stand against guns.  Stacie Davis is not a mother, but her motherly-instincts kicked in last month. She was driving in her car when she saw an 11-year-old boy walking down the street with what looked like a gun in his waistband. She stopped, jumped out, scolded him and took the gun, which turned out to be a toy.

A passenger recorded the confrontation on cellphone and posted it online, where it caught the attention of members of Sweet Holy Spirit Church of Chicago.

“I just told him that’s how kids die every day, that’s how kids get shot,” said Stacie Davis. “I just saw a kid that had a gun, what seemed to be a gun, so I reacted.”

While the gun turned out to be fake, Davis said it looked real. It was the size of a real one, had a removable clip and ‘Smith and Wesson’ written on it. Davis says she later threw the toy gun into a dumpster.

An attorney who bought the plaque says Davis may have saved the boy’s life. He pointed to the example of Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old Cleveland boy fatally shot by police while holding a toy gun.

Watch the video below of Davis’ conversation with the boy in which tells him, ‘I changed your Pampers.’

“What are you doing?” she asks him. “This is how kids get shot. Do you understand?….. I just saw you walkin’ with this damn gun down the street.  This is how kids get shot. Why are you walking with this?”





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