Woman’s Ashes Stolen During Break-In

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — It’s common for thieves to take things like TVs, DVD players and electronics. But an Oklahoma woman said thieves broke into her home and took something more valuable than any of those things…her mother’s ashes.

Jessica Graham is heartbroken. Not only did her mother die suddenly from lung cancer, but now thieves have taken her remains.

“It was my mama and how could someone come in someone’s home and take something so precious?” Graham said.

Graham was unable to get to her mother before she died because she was traveling.

“I didn’t make it and I couldn’t hold her hand and tell her goodbye so I can hold that in my hand and talk to her,” she said

Graham only had one keepsake of her mothers, a heart-shaped urn that held her ashes.

“It was something I could hold in my hand and hold it by my heart,” she said.

Thieves broke into Graham’s home on Thursday and stole it.

“They kicked in the door so hard that the door frame was in my kitchen,” she said. “It was a brutal kick in.”

They also stole a 42′ TV, a DVD player and more.

Graham hopes the thieves will have a heart and return her mother’s urn.

“I just want my heart back my mom was my heart,” she said. “That’s why I picked that particular thing to put her ashes in a heart that I can hold because my mom was my heart.”



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