Woman’s Cell Phone Confiscated for Baby Lisa Investigation

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There are new developments in the search for Lisa Irwin. Megan Wright dated the man many know as "Jersey" the handyman. He worked in the Irwin family's neighborhood.

Wright spent hours being questioned because of her phone and her ex-boyfriend John Tanko or Jersey. She says she has nothing to hide and wants to see Baby Lisa come home.

"He and I dated for approximately five months," Wright said. "I met him when I lived down on Brighton."

Tanko was a potential lead in the disappearance of Lisa Irwin. Their search led them to Megan Wright the first time. They they returned for her cell phone.

"Apparently a 50 second phone call came into my phone from one of the missing phones or supposedly stolen phones," she said.

Wright told them she doesn't know the Irwin family.

"They asked about phone call," she said. "Primarily if I had answered my phone or who would have had access to it. If I knew what was said, the conversation that was held, anything about that particular phone call."

Wright lives with several people who all used her phone but none of them said they knew the Irwin family either. When police gave her phone back, the call history had been erased. A few days later, the FBI asked for her phone and she signed a waiver. She hasn't seen it since.

Tank made an appearance in Clay County court on Tuesday for charges of tampering with a motor vehicle. Police arrested him on an outstanding warrant when they picked him up to talk to him about Lisa Irwin. Wright doesn't believe Tanko would ever hurt a child but did say she broke up with him because he changed a few months into their relationship.

"He was going back towards more of a criminal mentality, jail house mentality, and just heading into a direction I had no interest in going," she said.

Capt. Steve Young with the Kansas City Police Department says Tanko cooperated with police and they have moved on with the investigation.



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