Women claim male Texas state trooper tried to remove their breast piercings

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Two Fort Worth women are filing a lawsuit after they say a Texas state trooper got pliers to help remove piercings from their breasts and later injured one of them with his hands.

The incident began when the car the two women, 18-year-old Tayler Myers and 19-year-old Courtney Palacios, were riding in got pulled over for speeding in the small town of Marlin. They were on their way back home to Forth Worth from a concert in Houston on Halloween, NBCDWF reports.

The trooper arrested the group on a drug charge, after they said he found a single pill in the driver’s door.

They were taken to the county jail, where the trooper told them to remove any piercings.

“We told him, ‘well where do we go to take out our nipple rings?'” Myers said. “He was like, ‘you’re going to have to do it right here, in the open.'”

They attempted to comply, turning away and raising their shirts. They said they were each able to remove one, but had trouble with the other.

They said that’s when the trooper went out to his car and returned with pliers.

“He came up to me and he got really close to it, and he was just staring. He was like, ‘I think it unscrews from the left side,'” Palacios said.

She said the trooper then, without gloves on, used his hands to try to remove the piercing, injuring her in the process.

“He ends up pulling it and ripping it, and it starts bleeding,” Palacios recalled.

“All I can hear is Courtney being like, ‘ow! It hurts! It hurts!'” like, “stop, it’s hurting!'” Myers said.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! Saying it really loud, and he finally stops and steps back, and he just stares at me,” Palacios said. “He didn’t say sorry or anything, or acted like it was a big deal.”

They said the trooper never offered to get her any medical help.

The women have hired attorney Curtis Fortenberry, but have not yet filed a lawsuit.

“He has violated every police known to police work,” Fortenberry said. “That is just mind-boggling that he would do this.”

The women said they were in the back seat of the car and didn’t know anything about the pill.

A police spokesperson confirmed that an investigation is underway. The trooper has been placed on administrative duty.



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