Work and school end early for some to watch Royals

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Some people took game 4 of the American League Championship Series seriously, so seriously in fact, some people took their kids out of school and companies let employees off work early.

It’s almost as if it was a national holiday with work and school days ending early.

“Both the boys were able to get out of school and we’re so excited to go together as a family,” said Shelly Marsh.

Shelly along with her husband Kevin, and three kids spent some time making their “sweep helmets” before heading to the Royals game.

“The weather is perfect, it’s not going to be cold, we’re so excited, it’s going to be great!” she said.

Shelly wrote her kids permission slips requesting an early release from school for the big game.

“I went down to the conference center and I’m like, ‘hey, I have this note, can I get out of school?'” said Jake Marsh, a junior.

He says classes were shortened because they took the PSAT, so he didn’t miss too much.

“Why not leave school and go to the game, it’s a great moment!” added Jake.

Even Shelly’s oldest daughter, a teacher, got permission from her principal to leave early.

“He said, ‘oh don’t worry about it! We’ll get you a sub for half the day! Go and have a great time,'” Shelly said.

But it wasn’t just students playing hookey, businesses like Burns and McDonnell allowed employees to take off early and even held a watch party.

“We know that this is all that’s on anyone’s mind, so be productive, get your work done, and then we can focus on the team!” said one employee, Samantha Bise.

“We all just work a little extra harder to get things done, work hard and play hard!” added another employee, Mallory Williams.

Shelly and Kevin were originally going to the game alone because of how expensive tickets are, but in the end decided it was worth it to bring their kids.

“This is an opportunity for the kids, they may never see again, ever in their lifetime, and I know that sounds crazy, but you just never know!” Shelly said.

And they were all hoping for a big sweep.

“For sure,” said Jake, “4-0, that’s the dream right there.”



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