KANSAS CITY, Mo. — These are just a few instances of the work that doesn’t stop, no matter the weather. Whether its indoors or outdoors.

Several people were busy being first responders.

Hospital employees said when the temperature goes down, the risks go up.

“We’re always here, we’re always open,” Dr. Stephanie Ellison an emergency physician at University Health said. “We never close. We see an increase in emergencies, we’re seeing an increase in car accidents. Ambulances can get everywhere thank goodness. So, we have to be able to be here and ready for when those ambulances get in as well.”

There’s hard work happening outside, too.

It doesn’t matter what emergency it is or when it is, when someone’s calling and they need our help, it’s important that we get there as quickly as we can,” Dallass Jones, manager of Service Department for Spire said.

Service techs with Spire were ready to respond during the brutal cold.

Doesn’t matter if it’s the holiday, doesn’t matter if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning, doesn’t matter if it feels like negative 35, we’re going to be willing to respond,” Jones said.

KCPD said officers responded to 51 crashes between midnight and 11am on Thursday.

Officers only responded to 10 crashes during that same time frame Wednesday.
The department said officers also responded to 13 welfare checks by 11a a.m. Thursday.
It was six on Wednesday.

“When it gets so scary out there with the elements, we’re wearing all different kind of hats today and the city still needs us so, we come to work rain or shine, cold or snow” Spokeswoman for KCPD Donna Drake said.