KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A railroad worker had been in Kansas City for only a couple hours when his truck was stolen overnight, early Monday morning.

In the 48 hours that followed the truck has been spotted everywhere from Liberty to Grandview and has been part of police pursuits and multiple reported crimes.

The man, who asked to only be referred to as Kevin, lives in Indiana.

He checked into a Kansas City motel outside Liberty late Sunday night. But when he went to his truck Monday morning it was gone.

Kevin says he’s been told by those that were able to view surveillance video that theft happened within two hours of him parking it.

“I went out to grab my hard hat out of my truck and my truck was gone, I’m like where’s my truck,” he explained.

He posted photos in the Facebook group Stolen KC that day. Within hours there was another post of someone else looking for that truck for a completely different reason.
A woman posted her Mercedes GLC 300 had been stolen in Grandview with her debit card inside.

“Then they went to Raytown, Missouri in my truck with her card and tried to buy lottery tickets with her debit card,” she said.

The Mercedes the same car thief may have stolen has since been recovered, but Kevin’s truck hasn’t. He isn’t solely relying on social media to find it. He’s taken time off from work to try to track it down on his own.

“I’ve spent the past 20 hours driving around,” he said.

Tuesday night as he came upon a crash scene on Truman under the Blue Ridge Boulevard he spotted the truck.

“I saw it and a bunch of cops and a tow truck driver saw it and the cops tried to spike strip it, they missed then chased it and lost it,” he explained.

With no plans of how he’ll get home without his truck, he’s hoping someone might recognize it and call police. It’s a black and tan Ford F-250 2006 King Ranch with a hitch. It has 20 inch wheels and Nitto Recon Grappler Tires. And if they haven’t been swapped out, it will have Indiana license plates TK789OIU.

He says the whole experience has soured his perception of Kansas City, or at least a handful of car thieves who are wreaking havoc on the lives of dozens of people in the Kansas City metro daily.

“They need to figure out to get their own things and work for their life and not take from other people  who actually do work,” he said.

FOX4 blurred the face of the possible suspect in that post, because at this time the person hasn’t been charged and police haven’t put out any information that they are looking for them.