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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – FOX4 hosted an exclusive, live broadcast event, “COVID & the Classroom – The Return to School.”

You can rewatch the entire special in the video player above.

Moderated by FOX4 anchors Loren Halifax and Pat McGonigle, the Working for Youth special brought together school officials, parents and students to facilitate genuine dialogue on the biggest concerns for the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Safety concerns for students returning to school in-person.
  • What will schools do to protect students and staff?
  • How will positive COVID tests be handled?
  • What will happen to extracurricular activities, including sports, drama, music, etc.?
  • What are home learning options?
  • Without in-person instruction, is there a danger students will fall behind?
  • Are tutors and tutoring services seeing an increase in business?
  • How are schools meeting the technological needs of students?
  • How does virtual school challenge parents? How does that affect parental work?
  • What are some strategies parents use to cope?
  • Are private schools seeing increase enrollment?
  • How are the students handling the academic and social challenges?