FOX4 Love Fund partners with JCSO to collect school supplies for 5,000 metro kids

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The FOX4 Love Fund for Children’s Back to School Supply Drive is in full swing, and the organization is looking to go big this year.

The Love Fund is partnering with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office in hopes of collecting enough supplies to support 5,000 children across the metro. Last year, the supply drive helped 600 children.

“We’re really trying to up our game. Every kid in the community needs to go to school with the right supplies,” said David Lauck, who serves on the Love Fund Board of Directors.

“We realize we’re stronger together than we are apart, so instead of doing two separate [drives], why not unite our resources and influences and impact our community together?” added deputy Raashid Brown with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Lauck said a lot of the families they serve have little to no means and school supplies often aren’t a priority.

It’s a reality that can leave children feeling embarrassed when they show up for the first day of school empty-handed.

“Every child, regardless of their family situation or their financial situation, they should all have the same level playing field when they go to school,” Lauck said. “They’re just looking for people that care about them and want to help them.”

Some of the supplies needed include pencils, notebooks, markers, binders and more. You can find a full list of requested supplies by clicking here.

Scarlet Fox and her two children dropped off some items at the sheriff’s office Monday afternoon before heading to the park.

“For kids, the school is their job,” Fox said. “[School supplies] are the tools of their trade, and how important is the toolbox for the guy who’s working on cars or the computer to the person doing programming?”

Fox has an eight- and nine-year-old who are enrolled in the Independence School District. She said although her family doesn’t struggle financially, there’s a lot of need in their district.

“I know teachers are constantly asking for donations, and there are certain kids, their families just can’t afford these things,” Fox said.

She said donating a few supplies is a small gesture, but she wants her children to learn that give back and investing in their community builds character.

“I like to get them involved,” she said. “So when there are events like this where it touches their peers, and these are things that your fellow students are going to need and be using, let’s help them.”

The supply drive runs until August 4. Supplies can be dropped off at local CVS Pharmacies, Johnny’s Taverns and Mazuma Credit Unions, among other locations.

If you would like to make a monetary donation, you can text LoveFundKC to 243725.

For more information about the drive, click here. The supplies will be distributed August 10 during the Back to School Bash at Silverstein Eye Center Arena in Independence.

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