World-class artists give old instruments new life to help young musicians

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Artists are designing and assembling masterpieces for a benefit auction called “Art that Blows”. The only catch? They must use worn-out instruments as the pieces.

These musical sound makers are being repurposed into art at the Hallmark workshop to help the charity, FOX4 Band of Angels.

Chairman Mike Meyer says the money will help send local children to music camp and even repair instruments to give to them. The masterminds creating the masterpieces are considered to be some of the best in Kansas City, according to Meyer.

“Not only the best in the city, they’re literally the best in the world, Meyer said, “Hallmark flies these people all around the world and they have a following.”

One of the artists, Robert Hurlburt, has been involved in this process for more than four years. He says he keeps coming back because it helps kids and it’s a creative outlet.

“I kind of enjoy trying to see what I can make that you would not perceive as coming out of instruments,” Hurlburt said.

The key to putting together a one-of-a-kind item is like playing an instrument, according to Hurlburt, all you need to do is hit the right note and pick the right piece.

“I’m just kind of pulling and plugging. [They’re] like musical instruments,” Hurlburt said, “and I’m literally playing them to say which one will work right. I’m looking for a part that also I can add to it that are just weird eclectic little strange things, but they might be the perfect thing that might really lend itself to one of those things.

Last year, this event raised $25,000 for those camp scholarships. Tickets go on sale later this spring.



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