World of Wheels auto show returns to Bartle Hall with pandemic protocols in place


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Bartle Hall motors into a brave new world this weekend.

World of Wheels, the popular automotive showcase, comes to Kansas City’s Convention Center for the first time since before the pandemic struck. That show, as well as many others, missed its Kansas City appearance in 2020.

“It’s good to be back, out playing and out having fun,” said Doc Riley, a spokesperson for World of Wheels.

Riley said it’s taken a lot of cooperation with public health officials. But now 500 exhibitors are spaced further apart, aisles are spaced apart wider to encourage social distancing, and guests have their temperature taken as they enter the venue.

“We’ve worked very closely with the folks at the Kansas City Convention Center to make sure we adhere to all the rules and regulations. It’s one of those things we may have to get used to for a little bit,” Riley said.

World of Wheels organizers assured Kansas City Health Department leaders the show’s crowd size would remain below 5,000 people. Gathering limits were lifted with the city’s last public health order, but masks will still be required for everyone who attends. However, FOX4 cameras spotted many exhibitors walking around without face coverings before the turnstiles opened.

“It would be different if there was some pain or effort to this, but there’s not. To be on the safe side, let’s wear them, and let’s get this behind us,” Monty Rogers, an exhibitor, said.

“Safety is the first priority of any show like this,” David Stapp, another car enthusiast, said. “All in all, I think everybody is comfortable with the restrictions that are in place.”

These restrictions are necessary to keep shows like this one in business. World of Wheels fans will also see reminders about pandemic provisions everywhere around Bartle Hall.

You can pick up tickets to the show at the Kansas City Convention Center website. The event continues through Sunday.



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