World peace? Miss Kansas breaks stereotypes in a pair of combat boots

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LEAVENWORTH, Kan. — Some people may wonder — why didn’t Miss Utah just say something about world peace? It’s the stereotypical answer everyone associates with pageants, after all.

The newly-crowned Miss Kansas 2013, who’ll be competing in Miss America in September, is all about breaking stereotypes to set the record straight on so-called pageant girls.

She looks the part of a pageant queen, and she even sounds like one in her operatic performance. While Miss Kansas, 22-year-old Theresa Vail, wears the shoes of a pageant queen, she’s really more comfortable in a pair of combat boots.

“I’ve always wanted to be in the military, and I had the privilege of doing that when I was 17,” Theresa explained.

Theresa’s in the Kansas Army National Guard where she’s currently serving as a dental technician.

“Nobody expects a soldier to be a beauty queen,” she said.

It was fellow soldiers who encouraged Theresa to go for the crown.

“I’m all about breaking stereotypes, and that’s why I thought pageant systems would be the way to go,” Theresa said.

She continues to break stereotypes in the pageant world. She’s an archer, working on a bow-hunting show for the Outdoor Channel.

“We have two hunts as of right now. We need 13 to air a season, so we’re just waiting until September for deer season,” she explained.

Theresa’s a great shot, a qualified expert marksman with an M-16 and she’s an adrenaline seeker. She used to even race motorcycles. On top of that, Theresa’s nearly fluent in Chinese.

She’s using her diverse background as a way to inspire other young women that they too can be a pageant queen or anything else they’d like to be.

“Right now, everyone thinks of Miss America as this girl on a pedestal, and I want her to come down from that. She is just a normal girl,” Theresa said.

A normal girl with a high-profile job and a crown that matches everything, even camo.
Theresa attends Kansas State University. She plans to go to dental school and become an Army dentist.

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