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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — We’re right in the middle of the World Series, which gives us more to celebrate than usual. Game 4 of the World Series and Halloween fall on the same day. People all over the metro are trying to figure out how to balance both!

The Lewellen family lives in Brookside, and when you pull up to the house, there’s no doubt they’re in the celebrating spirit.

“When the Royals are in the World Series, we have to go all out,” Victoria Lewellen said.

The family put out pumpkins, a giant Royals flag, and outfitted concrete eagles in Royals T-shirts and beads.

“Our girls are huge Royals fans,” Lewellen said.

Eight-year-old Logan is dressing up as a gum ball machine, and her little sister, five-year-old Taylor, is planning to go trick-or-treating as a movie star.

“I think there will be a bigger push to get home earlier, get the kids in bed, so the parents can watch the game,” Victoria said.

Victoria’s husband Andy is already planning for the business side of Saturday. He runs Charlie Hooper’s in Brookside. The bar and neighboring businesses will pass out candy to about 1,500 kids on Halloween.

“It’s going to be two huge nights in one,” he said.

The event normally lasts until dusk, but Lewellen said, “This year, they want to end it a 5 p.m. so people can get back to their homes or favorite watering hole to watch the game.”

He said the World Series is also changing his staffing plans.

“I normally have a staff person standing outside to pass out the candy, but I have to have everybody working inside for the game, so I’m actually hiring my wife and kids to come out and do that!” Lewellen said.

His girls say they’re okay with that, as long as the kids get candy and everyone gets in some baseball. Victoria said, “I was watching with my eight-year-old daughter on game one, cheering for Moustakas and he got that base hit to get the run scored, so she has good mojo. I do have to get her home early so she can cheer!”

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