KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As thrill seekers head to Worlds of Fun for the first day of the 2023 season, they may notice a few rides have been taken out of commission. 

Worlds of Fun Communications Director Brian McGannon confirmed to FOX4 five rides will be removed from the park this year.

McGannon said the park is in the process of removing the Monsoon, Flacons Flight, Linus’ Beetle Bugs, Snoopy’s Yacht Club and the Peanuts Turn Tyke ride. 

McGannon said the rides are being removed due to their age. It’s unclear what will replace the five rides within the park. 

In celebration of the parks 50th anniversary, Worlds of Fun will debut a new and improved Zambezi Zinger later this year. Worlds of Fun is set to open for the 2023 season on Saturday, April 8.